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2011 START Again

Here we go again with the start of another new year. I do hope for a more productive year for me and you who are reading this.

June 14

I meant June 11-13 for my latest weekend.
I went bead shopping at an Indian Store for beads near Mom’s house. I found the same beads from a store in SanteFe, New Mexico that were cheaper in Sante Fe than in California. cheaper still if FireMountain.com for the best deal on beads. Good to know. I relax with jewelery making.

I spent a restful weekend with my Mom. We ate out and saw a great movie, Killers. A wonderful change from being in the hospital. Thank you Mom!

Last weekend June 3-7

From DDS to ER – Life sometimes seems to catch up with us. I’ll tell you abut my latest adventure. Everything seemed to be going as planned. I’ve been feeling really good so I felt it was about time that I got my long past dental cleaning done. And my husband had a tooth ache. Since our dentist left his practice we needed to find a new dentist in our area.
Yellow Pages
As we scanned the yellow pages we found an ad with a deal from new patients. We could get a cleaning, exam and x-rays for one low price ($39) that could be done in one visit. This was our week off so we decided to spend a morning and get it all done. I made an appointment for Wednesday.
The DDS Office
Arriving at the DDS office, we were impressed with the modern atmosphere. The day before I had filled out the health questioner online. Neither of us had any know allergies. I had a transplant four years earlier and am now diabetic. The computer was in the waiting room to fill out forms as well. The staff was friendly and courteous and young. A flat screen TV showing children’s movirs was overhead the receptionist. We were looking for a new dentist and noticed the office had their own dental plan which for a ow yearly fee you would receive discounts on dental work. So, we joined and filled out more forms.
The new digital x-rays with an added camera that took pictures of our smile and each tooth. I love new technology.
The dentist was delightful. She told us she had been in practice for 25 years. Because she lovers dentistry three of her children were dentists.This instilled trust in me that she knew what she was doing and I liked her. She said to do one side at a time. I needed three cracked caps replaced and one tooth to be filled on my right side. I quietly asked her, are you sure it’s okay to do it all today. Oh yes. It’ll be fine. You’ll be fine and you will have one side completely done that you won’t have to worry about. My jaw became tired for being open for so many hours but five hours later I had the most beautiful temporaries I had ever seen. Ray found out that tooth that had been aching was actually the tooth next to that one, so she fixed both of them. He got his temporaries on his left side. We left very sore and now in debt for dental work. (Not my original plan.)
AT Home
The right side of my face became incredible swollen and painful. It started to bruise. I called the dentist and prescribed an RX for pain and infection; an antibiotic with penicillin and a muscle relaxant. After I took two does, I went to bed. The next morning everything was darkish and I felt dizzy. I checked my blood sugar levels. It was 251, I thought it would be low from how I felt. I struggled to the fridge to get something to eat. The dog wanted to play and Ray was reading the paper. I was so dizzy I had to sit down in front of the fridge and the dog thought I was playing with her. My husband said, “What are you doing on the floor, get up.” So, I did but I feel back down. I said take me to the ER. I passed out and her put me on the couch.
My husband drove me to the nearest Urgent Care about 3 miles away. They took samples of my blood and tried to put in an IV but were unsuccessful. I don’t know how much time had passed when the results were told to me. My liver levels were off the chart and they could do nothing for me. I needed to be seen at the ER at Loma Linda University. That’s where I had my transplant.
After 5 hours in the Er, I was admitted at 11:30 p.m. These experts quickly took more blood and inserted IVs.

Friday morning I awoke feeling better. I was assigned a student nurse who was very happy because it was her last day of classes and internship. I am LDS and she was very curious about the Mormons. We had wonderful conversations about why I believe what I do.
Lani came to see me and brought her husband and Jason to give me a priesthood blessing.
I felt like I was laying on a bed of cactus and my skin was all red with bumps. My body developed an allergy to penicillin. Changed antibiotics to something else and I begin to sleep better.
phone calls and visitors:
I received calls from my daughter, Mom, sister, nephew, step children, my brother-in-law, and Bishop Denkers.
My visits were also from Lisa and Sally, my step-daughter and her friend; my dear friend Terri. Terri know many of the nurses from my previous visit to 4100.
When Terri came by she brought patterns she was planning to sew this summer. We discussed a variety of ways to sew them. Then we just talked about beliefs. I had another opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ.
I knew I needed to take antibiotics before dental work but I went with the expert DDS said instead of being responsible for my own health.
Everybody’s body is in constant change. Keep aware of the possibilities of change in your body.
Everyone must be responsible for their own health. Exercise, eat correctly for your bodies health. Take time to read and mediate. You will have less pain and it is cheaper than missing work to see a doctor. You can save money by exercising and eating right.
Stay tuned for the next adventure.

Hello world!

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I’ve got time this week to blog. This is the second time I’ve tried to blog (blog2). I have a hard time trying to keep up with actually sitting and blogging or journalism or writing letters or just to sit and read. Oh well,?!

I love to eat food I’ve prepared myself. Hence the picture from our living room of fresh food.